Parish Life and Lay Leadership
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The parish is, without doubt, the most important locus in which the Christian community is formed and expressed. This is called to be a fraternal and welcoming family where Christians become aware of being the people of God.  In the parish, all human differences melt away and are absorbed into the universality of the Church. The parish is also the usual place in which the faith is born and in which it grows

General Directory for Catechesis, #257
For most Catholics, the parish is their primary experience of the Church. It is where they gather for weekly worship, celebrate their most joyous occasions, and mourn their deepest losses. There they are called to repentance and renewal, finding and celebrating God's forgiveness and reconciliation. Embracing the dying and rising of Jesus in their lives, they are challenged to holiness and strengthened for self-giving love and Christian service

Our Hearts were Burning Within Us, #114

In recognition of the fundamental significance of the parish, the Secretariat for Parish Life and Lay Leadership seeks to assist both the clergy and the laity in the Diocese of Kalamazoo in forming:
  • Catholic parishes which are:
    • centers of hope and welcome for all,
    • places where people can truly encounter Jesus Christ and grow in holiness, and
    • focal points of service, catechesis, and evangelization; &

  • Catholic lay leaders who are:
    • intentional disciples of Jesus Christ,
    • educated and prepared to continue Christ’s mission and ministry in the world as priests, prophets, and kings, and
    • certified and authorized for service to the parishes and the faithful.
Deacon Kurt Lucas, Executive Director
and Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation:

(269) 903-0183
Domestic Church:
Socorro Truchan, Associate Director
(269) 903-0199
Multicultural & Hispanic Ministry:
Fanny Tabares, Associate Director
(269) 903-0209

Hispanic Youth, Young Adult & Domestic Church:
Veronica Rodriguez, Associate Director
(269) 903-0197
Youth and Young Adult Ministry:
Tim McNamara, Associate Director
(269) 903-0139
Sanctity of the Human Person:
Lisa Irwin, Associate Director
(269) 903-0177

Support Specialist
Jane Bodway
(269) 903-0147
Vocations and Ongoing Priestly Formation
Rev. Christopher Derda, Director

Rev. Christopher Ankley, Associate Director

Michelle Smith, Support Specialist
(269) 903-0203


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